Serbian folklore dance lovers,Dragan and Isidora Marković began
their career as dancers when they were children.They were
brought up in Užice.They traveled a lot, had many concerts and
took part in many important state manifestations throughout
Europe with their folklore ensemble.Till their very departure for
Canada they have trained younger generations of dancers.On their
arrival,they continued to pass on their knowledge as dance
choreographers to all age groups ,from the youngest to the oldest.
For a short period of time,they were hired by St.Michael`s Church
to work with senior and junior dancers.Also they have been hired
by St.Sava Church in Vancouver to work with a group”Vuk
Karadžić” for almost 15 years.This work is crowned by many
travels across North America and organizations of many
successful concerts of folklore character.Desiring more
qualitative stage expression,progress and raising the level of work,
folklore enthusiasts Dragan and Isidora,out of pure enthusiasm
and missionary approach to work,founded Serbian folklore
ensemble”Zavičaj”. From the very beginning it represented an
invaluable stimuli to Serbian children in the Diaspora to cherish
Serbian national and cultural heritage.Over the years they have
enriched their careers by attending various seminars and a
number of ethnological and ethnographic research.
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Ivana Šuljagić was born in Belgrade.She has been
actively involved with music since her early childhood.As
a folklore ensemble dancer and choir solo singer , has
participated in many concerts and has been on many a
tour in the Balkans and Western Europe.During her
studies she was a soprano of a renowned Serbian choir
“LOLA” and an educator of preschool children
organizing creative and music workshops for the
nurseries.She was an assistant choir-leader of a mixed
church choir”Saint Nicolai of Žiča”of Saint Luke`s
Church in Belgrade.She was one of the founders and for
a short period a choir-leader to a choir of the Serbian
Falcon Society in Višegrad.She is a founder and a choir-
leader of a mixed church choir”St.George”of St.George`s
Church in Užice and a children`s choir”Djurdjevak”(Lily-
of-the-valley).As a choir-leader and a speech therapist,
she held a lecture on the pathology and rehabilitation of
human voice.Her four-month work as a music educator
of the children of SKUD”Zavičaj”from Vancouver,she
contributed to developing their love for music,Serbian
songs and Serbian tradition as well as to enriching their
vocabulary of their mother tongue.These objectives
being set and being an enthusiastic person,she aspires
for a permanent form of educating children of SKUD”
Iako mladi, obdareni foklornim iskustvom,
Milan Slavnic i Bozana Markovic, asistenti
su u radu sa najmladjom foklornom grupom
ansambla "Zavicaj". Kao mladi edukatori,
Milan i Bozana utiru sebi stazu profesionalizma
kojom ce zbliziti buduce narastaje i vrednosti srpske
tradicije kroz igru i pesmu.
Najveci uspeh ovog ansambla je uspeh svih
njegovih clanova.